“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis

Woman, a man with a womb!

Sarah Mabansag Puno

By Sarah Mabansag Puno

THE celebration of Women’s Month together with the Fire Prevention Month in March makes me think and ask why?

Yes, indeed a wise decision of schedule for they are related.

Women’s Month, a celebration for man with a plus or a man with a womb is to give honor to the best and primary protectors of man’s life and home. She has a strong mind, determination and character with altruism capable of protecting the life entrusted to her. The first home of man is a woman’s womb. With selfless love and endurance to pain and difficulties, the life in her womb is nourished, nurtured and protected until this gift of life is ready for the outside world. The woman, continues to care and give the growing child a safe environment, a home for his healthy and normal growth and development.

She protects her home with her loved ones from all forms of threats that will endanger their lives and destroy properties. One of her major concern is the protection from physical fire by training the children to avoid playing with fire and be careful in using it and checking everything in her home so the danger of conflagration be avoided.

There is another fire that the woman is concerned of and is preventing to happen in her home, the emotional and spiritual fire that may cause the break -up of her home that may eventually lead to spiritual damnation.

Juana in spite of her being busy with her career sees to it to give time to make her home, a home sweet home, a welcoming home for a tired husband and a conducive place for learning and playing for her children.

Juana by her example makes her home a place of love and respect. Her prayerful life and generous heart in giving forgiveness , and selfless, unconditional love, following the heart of Jesus, makes her home a haven of peace and joy. This serves as the firewall of their home.

At present Juanas should be aware of the fire of DIVORCE that is being ignited putting our homes in great danger that will terribly affect our young and innocent children, and our children’s children. The burning of homes will have no end until we all go to hell!

Where is our love of God if the promise of love in marriage is just for a moment and when the feeling is gone, the home is broken tantamount to burning, then build another one, just like kaingin or slash and burn farming.

My fellow Juanas wake up and stand firm! Women legislators be enlightened! Let us all fight against this DIVORCE LAW that it will never penetrate and burn our hearts, our minds , our homes and our souls!

Let us call on Jesus who came and was nurtured in a home to save our homes and Mama Mary , the Queen of our homes for her blue mantle of protection!