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Vice Gov seeks collection of mining taxes

Photos shows a loading wharf in Llorente, Eastern Samar which is reportedly used by a mining company. (Alren Beronio / Este News)

BORONGAN CITY, July 27, 2017–Eastern Samar vice governor Marcelo Ferdinand Picardal has called on the province’s finance committee to start a stronger initiative in collecting the excise tax shares from mining operations due to the provincial government.

In an interview, Picardal said the local government has yet to collect its share of the excise tax paid by mining companies.

According to the Bureau of Internal Revenue website, all mineral and mineral products are imposed a two percent excise tax based on the actual market value of the products extracted.

“For a single shipment of minerals pegged at around $2M, government gets $40,000,” Picardal said.

Excise taxes collected by BIR is then divided into two: 60% goes to the national government and 40% goes to local governments (20% to the provincial government, 15% for the city or municipality and 5% to the barangay).

The vice governor stressed that the uncollected excise taxes imposed on mining companies can contribute to development projects being undertaken in the province.

“These date back to the 80s when mining companies started operating, so if we can collect these, we can implement more development projects,” Picardal said. (Medora NB Quirante / Este News)

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