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Too Many Killings

Atty Ceferino Baquilod

By Ceferino Baquilod
A TV program used to have a daily tally on how many people got killed as a result of the war against drugs. They suddenly stopped their tabulation and people wondered why. But with or without their tally sheet, we all are aware that killings have continued based on main stream media reports. A day hardly passes by without us hearing about drug related arrests and killings.To date, thousands have already been killed and the number is increasing at an alarming rate. Aside from these killings, there is likewise a long list of local executives killed since 2016. One wonders if these killings will ever end during this administration.
Incidentally, as I was writing this, I saw Duterte on national tv saying his ‘only sin’ is his EJKs (Extra Judicial Killings). This admission is serious specially in light of the so many killings occurring in our country. His admission is clear and unequivocal, heard and witnessed by the entire nation. Contrary to what his spokesman would like us to believe, Duterte was not joking. This is not the first time he admitted to killing people. Earlier on, he had said he personally killed 3 suspects when he was still mayor of Davao.
Instead of being sorry or showing remorse, our President seems to enjoy bragging about his killings.  
Mocha’s Resignation
Finally, PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson resigned. She made her resignation dramatic by announcing it right at the budget hearing. In her attempt to look like a hero, she claimed she was resigning as a ‘sacrifice’ since their budget was being delayed by legislators critical of her. The truth is her resignation is long overdue because of her series of blunders and her being a purveyor of fake news. Some believe she resigned to avert possible fierce questioning by the legislators in relation to PCOO budget. She also faces a few cases filed before the Ombudsman, namely, 3 counts of online libel, a case for spreading fake news, and more recently a case for mocking the sign language.
She actually maybe eyeing for a seat in the senate. But people are not taking her seriously because, except for her blogs and controversial stint at the PCOO, her only qualification is her experience as a sexy dancer and a self proclaimed online sex educator.
Drug War
It has been said that no country has ever succeeded in putting an end to their drug problem. Several countries tried various ways of addressing it. Portugal decided to legalize personal drug use although it still went after illegal drug manufacturers, dealers and traffickers. Switzerland merely focused on therapy and harm reduction and distributed clean needles to drug users. Colombia waged war against drug syndicates but its president Juan Manuel Santos admitted that although “significant achievements” were made, drug traffickers were able to “adapt and change.”
In the Philippines, Duterte vowed to eradicate our drug problem quickly, in 3-6 months. This was among his many campaign promises and 16 million believed him. He is now more than 2 years in office and it seems like the problem is only getting worse. During legislative hearings on drug smuggling, his son Paolo was implicated in an earlier shabu shipment valued at P6.4 billion. Recently, PDEA found another shabu shipment worth P6.8 billion and the president was quick to say there was no proof. The president had to personally refute the findings.
Everyday, there are reports on drug busts, arrests and deaths. Clearly there is rampant proliferation of drugs in this country. Big time drug lords and coddlers remain untouched however. Hence, many are saying we have a fake drug war.

On a lighter note, in a recent episode of the popular teleserye Probinsiyano, bad guy President Lucas stated that there was no need for him to go back to gun smuggling since he will be getting much more from the ‘protection money’ offered by international crime syndicates. I sure hope this is happening only on tv.
This action packed tv program is so believable and relatable in its storylines making it worth watching, even for people like me who used to dislike soaps and preferred news and musicals only.

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