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The New Mayor

Atty Ceferino Baquilod

Recently, our newly elected mayor, Jose Ivan Dayan Agda, held a press conference on his 100 days as chief executive of Borongan City. Just like the rest of LGU heads, our mayor also announced to the public his accomplishments, foremost of which, was the fulfillment of his campaign promises. He declared that the city government has now allocated budgets for the promised free medicines, free transportation to students, tourists and seniors, and some other agricultural projects. It’s a good thing Mayor Adga did not make fantastic campaign promises like solving the country’s drug problem in 6 months, or a government clean up with  ‘just a whiff of corruption and you’re out’, etc.

Water crisis has hit hard our city. Our mayor, legal limitations notwithstanding, has visibly been coordinating with the appropriate offices directly tasked in addressing our water concerns. Aside from budgetary support, his team and experts have now identified water sources and long term solutions to the supply problem. We all know that water supply is not an exclusive problem of Borongan. Even in the most advanced of our cities in Metro Manila, water supply has become a major challenge. Water is a basic need and insufficient supply thereof is certainly of utmost concern.

A lot of people are hopeful and think our mayor is doing a fine job. Included in his report too was his initial work and vision for the historic and miraculous Hamorawon Spring, specially regarding its cleanliness and the long standing encroachments by property owners adjacent to this historical landmark.  We all know this would mean taking drastic and decisive action, with no fear or favor, to accomplish these goals. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best for our famous spring.

The new set of our Sanguniang Panglunsod is composed mostly of young public servants with varied backgrounds. It is a good mix of young professionals and business people, mostly new in the political arena, and seemingly willing to work together for the betterment of our city. Keen observers claim that the current composition of our city legislature will make it easier for our mayor to create and complete much needed projects for the city.

It has been observed that most of our newly elected young mayors across the land (Yorme Isko of Manila leading the pack) have shown earnest efforts and visible positive changes in their respective cities in the first 100 days in office. Pessimists however claim that in the past, newly elected local chief executives, specially trapos,demonstrated similar eagerness in their initial days in office, but all ended up ningas cogon and that everything they did was just for show. Well, it is not for us to foretell what our new mayor in Borongan will turn out to be. Given his exposure and experience as a former city administrator and his challenge to maintain a positive image for his governance and the city, he may just be what we really need for a better Borongan.

 Bongbong or Leni?

As of this writing, Bongbong’s claim to the vice presidency is still pure guesswork and his election protest has remained pending in the tribunal (PET). Legal experts are still debating on whether or not Leni is the real vice president.  So far, after the recount of votes in the pilot provinces, Leni got 15K additional votes, and much to his dismay, Bongbong got none. Under Rule 65 , his complaint should be dismissed already on account of the recount results. However, because of the other issues and causes of action alleged, the case may drag on further. Both parties have been asked to submit their respective comments. Bongbong’s lawyers are saying irregularities were obviously committed because of the discrepancies evidenced by the additional votes found in Leni’s favor. This contention, if found tenable, would mean that there was failure of election in those provinces. Consequently, all the other elected officials can be construed as not having been duly elected. Technically votes for congressmen,  governors, mayors, etc. and even those for senators, and the president cast in those provinces were invalid. What a mess.   

Ninja Cops

Retiring PNP Chief Oscar Agbayalde is allegedly the protector and the high ranking official behind the controversial ninja cops, or those cops involved in recycling drugs and under-reporting monies recovered in their operations. One wonders why despite his questionable background, Agbayalde has enjoyed the good graces of the President, who catapulted him to the highest peak of his career. Duterte has constantly threatened to get rid of corrupt officials specially in the military. But  there are just too many of these corrupt officials with military background who had been appointed to important government posts. Some were notably untouchable while others were merely recycled after being found to have been involved in high profile or multi million drug scandals.

Light notes on Trapos

The other day, as I was doing some domestic chores, I decided to clean up the floor. I came across some rag or trapo which I needed to wipe off dust and dirtI actually hesitated using the trapo since it looked stained and dirty despite its being previously washed. I soaked it in zonrox, rewashed it a few times using some popular strong detergent hoping to make it cleaner. I was never satisfied with the result. It still had some stain and still looked unclean. Then it dawned on me. I was dealing with a trapo… and just like the traditional politician, a trapo remains stained and never really becomes that clean.

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