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Tacloban City Port development urged

The Tacloban City Port Area that only serves small cargo vessels .(Nestor L.Abrematea)

TACLOBAN CITY, February 11, 2018–The Tacloban City Port, the oldest port in Eastern Visayas, needs further development to accommodate bigger cargo vessels that can bring in goods and commodities to this capital city of the region, said a government official.

Bureau of Customs Tacloban District Collector Jose Naig said the city port needs further expansion and dredging to deepen the shallow sea of the city.

Naig said if the Tacloban City Port is further developed by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) it can accommodate bigger foreign cargo vessels that can dock in the city port.

He said the Tacloban City Port can only accommodate 4 to 4.5 metric tons of cargo vessels.

Naig said that to accommodate bigger cargo vessels, the port should have a deep sea good for 16 to 20 metric tons of cargo vessels coming from abroad.

“The port is a very vital facility for the economic development of a place because cargoes arrive at the port,” Collector Naig said.

He cited the improved or developed ports of the other regions that trigered economic development.

As a new port collector, he will be meeting with PPA officials in Tacloban City to discuss the port development.

The Tacloban City Port has long been left behind in terms of development as it has no more commercial and passenger vessels that ply the Tacloban City to Manila route and from Tacloban City to Cebu as the sea is shallow along the San Juanico Strait and it lacks navigational facilities for the vessels to center the Tacloban City Port at night time or in the afternoon.

The city port is the only port that serves the Northern side of Leyte. The other ports in Leyte are located in Ormoc City and Palompon, Leyte that serve the western side and in Baybay City that serves the vessels in the southern portion of Leyte.(Nestor L.Abrematea)

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