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Return of Electric power to East Samar uncertain

(Photo courtesy of NGCP)

BORONGAN CITY, July 11, 2017–Almost a week after a strong earthquake hit the Visayas, Eastern Samar and most parts of region 8 are still without electricity.

The magnitude 6.9 quake damaged the National Grid Corporation’s HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) in Ormoc, while Energy Development Corporation’s plants in Leyte are still down.

To provide electricity while repairs of damaged structures are ongoing, NGCP has constructed a transmission bypass line that will connect their Tabango substation to the Ormoc substation that will draw power from Cebu which will then distribute it to electric cooperatives in the region.

Officials say that power will not be sufficient to meet the energy requirement of Eastern Visayas and if the line becomes operational, consumers will experience rotating brownouts.

But they assured consumers that power supply will increase in the next days as more will become available.

Testing of the bypass line has been suspended twice, because of heavy rains, and the moderately strong aftershock yesterday.

Despite the brownouts, life goes on in Borongan, although most of the businesses are affected by the power outage.

Radio stations are off air and some internet cafes are closed.

But restaurants are doing good business and hotel room occupancy is up as most Boronganons troop to hotels to escape the heat and other inconveniences caused by the brownouts.

Meanwhile ESAMELCO informed the public that their lines are clear and they are ready to receive electricity, once it is available.

They have also put up cellphone charging stations in Borongan, Guiuan, Dolores, Oras and Quinapondan.

There is no clear information as to when the power supply will normalize. (Eden Cidro/Este News)

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