“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis

Retelling Christ’s story

Bishop Crispin B. Varquez, D.D.

OUR mission as present-day Catholics is to retell the story of Christ in our modern context and to proclaim with profound conviction the constant and unfailing presence of God in the life of His church, then and now. One way to realize this is to put up Belen or Nativity sets in our homes and public places as Pope Francis encouraged. And another is to preserve and continue the practice of singing our traditional or vernacular carols narrating the story of the Holy Family.

The various forms of popular piety, when properly moderated by Church pastors and guided towards the liturgy, are effective means of evangelization and sanctification even in our modern times.  

During this time of fast-paced technology and gadgets with their capacity to control or modify our manner of thinking and behaving, we are presented with the urgent challenge to propose, live out, and transmit our Christian Faith in a more credible and relevant way. There is no better model and method this is appropriated for us than what is illustrated by the Baby Jesus himself—the way of Incarnation.

On the first Christmas, He came in humility and silence. Without publicity. In this era of the social media, we strive to follow the example of Jesus. Let us bring the best news to those around us through our hidden, silent and humble service.

May the blessings of this Holy Season descend upon you and your family abundantly now and in the days to come.

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