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Public told: Beware of fake news

MANILA, Jan. 23, 2017 – A sister cautioned netizens to validate the authenticity of an article before assuming it is true.

Sr. Adel Abamo, SDS expressed sadness over the growing number of people still clueless about being fooled by fake news sites.

“Some netizens repost fake news thinking that those are legitimate,” she complained. “This is more saddening because they become instruments in misinforming the people.”

Not her

Abamo cited fake news article spreading a lie about Vice President Leni Robredo, who appeared pregnant in a picture.

The head in the picture was really Robredo’s, she pointed out. But the tummy, which was edited into the original photo, belonged to a pregnant American model in a yellow dress.

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According to her, the people behind such falsehoods are out there “assassinating the character of persons in favor of others.”

This particular article was not the only piece of fake news on social media that has misled people, especially the young, noted Abamo.

Damage done

Sen. Leila Delima, who has yet to be proven guilty of involvement in drugs, reportedly had a sex video, she pointed out. Believing the tape was authentic, netizens condemned and laughed at Delima, said the sister.

Eventually, it was discovered that the woman caught on tape was not her, Abamo lamented. The damage has probably hurt her family so much.

“Fake news [is] flooding the social media,” she said. “People should be responsible citizens. Validate whether or not a post is a legitimate news. Otherwise, we become part in misleading people.” (Oliver Samson / CBCPNews)

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