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Philhealth to increase premium next year

(Screen grab from a Philhealth video)

BORONGAN CITY, December 12, 2017–Starting January 2018, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation will implement an increase in the premium contribution of its members.

During a multi-sectoral forum held last week in Borongan, Dr. Douglas Cardona, Philhealth Vice President for the Visayas said the increase is needed to ensure the sustainability of the national health insurance plan.

This will allow Philhealth to continue the delivery of existing health insurance packages and to expand the coverage of other services, he said.

One of the plan is to include members of the formal sector in the “no balance billing” policy that is being enjoyed only by senior citizens and beneficiaries of the 4Ps.

Dr. Cardona said that this should be done to “be fair to the Philhealth members who pay their premium, but are unable to benefit from this”.

Contribution will be adjusted from the current 2.5% to 2.75%. For a member earning P10,000, monthly premium will be P275, half of which will be shouldered by the employer. For househelpers, their employers will shoulder the payment if the employee paid less than P5,ooo a month.

But budget officers of national government agencies and local government units are pushing for the circular to be implemented in 2019.

LGUs and NGAs are done with the deliberations for the 2018 budget and they have allocated funds equivalent only to the 2.5% premium.

They are worried how and where will they get the additional funds needed if the adjustment is implemented in January.

Meanwhile, Philhealth is calling on senior citizens who are not members to enlist in their offices.

According to Dr. Cardona, under RA 10645 all Filipinos aged 60 and up are automatically covered by Philhealth but since the office does not have a masterlist of all senior citizens, they have to enroll.

Philhealth is coordinating with the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs of every town and city for easy enrolment.

All they have to do is submit a photocopy of their senior citizen ID as proof of age.

Target of this law is to enroll more than 7 million senior citizens. (Eden Cidro/Este News)

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