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- Pope Francis

On electing public officials

Bishop Crispin B. Varquez

By Bishop Crispin B. Varquez

2019 is not so far, we should make sure that when we elect public officials, they can really lead and serve the people effectively. I would like to suggest some criteria for electing political leaders:

1. He must be honest, sincere and God fearing.
2. He must have a vision as a leader.
3. He should know how to sacrifice himself for the sake of his people.
4. With the reality of climate change, he should know what to do when calamity comes.
5. Religious extremism and terrorism are global realities, he should have the know-how and the courage to face them.
6. He can teach and capacitate his people namarunong tumayo sa sariling mga paa (culture of independence) to become economically self-reliant.
7. He can protect and preserve the culture and religiosity of the people.
8. He must be firm to uphold the rule of law. For a civilized society is governed by laws.
9. And of course, he must be maka-Diyos, makatao, makabayan, makakalikasan and, perhaps,even much more.

Corruption is the number one problem in our country. It is the reason why we are poor. Let us work together to solve this problem. One of the best solutions is to have an election with no money involved, meaning no vote selling and no vote buying so that we can objectively choose and elect good leaders, if not the best. We love our country, the Philippines. We pray for our country. We pray for peace in the world.

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  1. Unless estehanons become financially stable honest election is impossible or unless the majority of estehanons become saints thats the time we can realize honest elrction

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