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NGCP targets July 31 power stability

ESAMELCO doing maintenance works to its power lines while power supply is rotated throughout region 8. (Alren Beronio / Este News)

BORONGAN CITY, July 24, 2017–There is no relief from rotating brownouts for consumers in Leyte and Samar just yet.

During a media briefing in Calbayog the other day, officials of NGCP said that they are looking at a July 31 schedule for the power restoration.

According to Atty Cynthia Alabanza, NGCP spokesperson, some of their transformers sustained considerable damage during the quake that rocked Leyte earlier this month, limiting their capacity to transmit.

Power passing though their system is not enough to meet the electricity needs of Samar, Leyte and Bohol due to limitations in the step down transformers.

To hasten restoration, two transformers were transferred from Compostela, Cebu to the Ormoc substation.

Mr. Gil Sanchez of the Visayas Operations and Maintenance group said that these are being readied for assembly, testing and commissioning.

It will replace the damaged transformer 6 in Ormoc. Once energized, the 150 MVA transformer will increase the substation’s capacity to transmit power to distribution utilities in the region, and Bohol.

They are also considering “alternative options in case anything else happen. One of this is the possible reconfiguration of 230Kv to 138Kv lines.

But Atty Alabanza said that they are confident they can meet the July 31 timetable.

In the meantime, she is calling on consumers to be prudent in electricity consumption, using only when it is absolutely necessary.

Now that supply is still limited, NGCP decides on how much power to transmit to a distribution utility, based on proportionate sharing with the other DU’s.

Eden Cidro/Este News

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