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- Pope Francis

Mother’s love, not fake

Sarah Mabansag Puno

By Sarah Mabansag Puno

FAKE news are in our midst but one that we are very sure that is genuine, NOT fake is MOTHER’S LOVE.

How could these be fake?

A mother joyfully enduring the pain in her labor for her coming bundle of joy or with much trust in her doctor and of course faith in the mercy and love of God bravely facing the knife for Caesarian section for a baby’s life. An OFW mother bearing all the difficulties in a foreign land with so much loneliness just for the sake of the bright future of her child.

A working mom facing all the challenges in her workplace to help support the needs of the family same time giving her best in making her home an ideal place for the growth and development of her children.
A mother doing and praying without ceasing having in her mind the best for her children even forgetting her own happiness.

A mother forgiving a cruel and philandering husband for the sake of her children.
I have personal knowledge of martyrs who were made to choose between their own lives or the lives in their wombs. And they opted for not their own.

Accepting motherhood is an openness with much faith which is tantamount to total surrender, come what may.

Yes it is not fake when a mother says , “My child is the most beautiful child in the world”, even if others say no. For a mother treasures her motherhood as a gift and her child is a grace and a precious gift from God. God is the source of ultimate beauty and it is only man who sets the limit because of his own imperfection.

Indeed motherhood is a gift from God thus He wants us to be the best. It is a MISSION. He gave us a model to emulate, the greatest of all mothers, MAMA MARY. To her HE entrusted us for her guidance, help and protection with her blue mantle and above all her motherly love.

Fellow mothers and future mothers, motherhood is a mission of love, our vehicle to heaven and can help bring others to heaven too.

To all the mothers, let us all rejoice and be grateful. HAPPY MOTHER’S Month!

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