“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis

Love is the answer!

Sarah Mabansag Puno

THE whole love month reminds us the importance of expressing our love to special people of our lives.     

Our relationship is spiced by our expression that is made concrete through flowers, messages and other things or actions that give flavor and strength to sustain it.      

As we focus on our homes that must be the abode of families where amazing things happen as the seedbed of true love, we are led to ask many questions or many WHYs. Such us these:     

Daizy a daughter of a mentally ill mother who was raped by an unknown assailant is living without bitterness inspite of her beginning. She is a now a professional, the bread winner of the family, serving her mother and old grandparents.     

Elly served his sentence in prison for many years for killing the boyfriend of his wife caught inside his house with his wife. Coming out free, he is reunited with wife and children.     

Rosalinda knew she has cancer but just kept it to herself. She let her youngest child finish her studies first before she submitted for treatment because of limited resources. But it was already too late. But she left with a smile thou in pain seeing all her professional children around her.        Many stories can be shared, and many WHYs are asked but with only one answer.       

The answer is unlimited, unconditional that accepts no matter what. It forgives that others may consider unforgivable. It bears sufferings, pains and humiliation. It has unlimited hope. It gives joy and peace.       

And to the many WHYs the only answer is LOVE!       

Therefore if the answer is LOVE, the answer is GOD who is LOVE!       

HE, the giver of our lives, the giver of our famillies to whom we belong, the giver of our homes where we are in, is the reason why we exist. From Him we are, for Him we live and we journey back to Him.       

Let us live to love. Let us live for love. Let us live for GOD!

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