“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis

Lord thank you for my tatay!

Sarah Mabansag Puno

By Sarah Mabansag Puno

MANY respectable people I have talked with described their fathers as “Ideal Father”. Why?
Let me cite some.

A respectable budding politician said, “My father is God-fearing. I haven’t heard him miss a Sunday Mass or holy days of obligation. He leads prayer at home. He loves us all. He respects and loves our mother and tells us to do the same to her. And now that we are all grown ups, he tells us to love our spouses and our children. And above all to love God and put Him as the center of our lives”.

A respectable doctor shared, “My father, a military man, though assigned in many places got only one wife, my mother. He sacrificed a lot to send us all to school and all be professionals”.

A respectable engineer is proud of his father. He said, “My father, an engineer like me was not rich but happy and contented. He was part of the team who constructed the strong and beautiful bridge of our place. He served with commitment and honesty. For him, children who are fed from dishonest means will in turn be dishonest. He taught us to live simply and live according to our means. He was also generous to others”.

A respectable Punong Barangay humbly shared, “My father, a farmer was an undefeated political leader in our place until his death. He won even without campaigning not because of his many relatives, not because of money but because he was loved by the people. He unselfishly shared his wisdom, knowledge and expertise to his constituents. He served both the government and the church in his lifetime”.

A respectable professional musician and entertainer joyfully sang a tune “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. According to him, “, My father, an OFW, an entertainer like me had not only given joy to people around the world through his music but also helped gather people to listen to God’s word especially in places where Christ was not heard. He was not afraid to relay God’s message to unbelievers”.

Why did they call their fathers ‘ideal’? Because these fathers for them lived fulfilled lives, not only to please people but above all to please God that inspired them to emulate and proudly share to others so they may also be enlightened and be inspired.

They are responsible fathers who can create responsible children and future responsible fathers too.
From these sharings, therefore an ‘Ideal Father’ loves and worships God and make Him the center of his personal life and family life. He loves and serves his family unselfishly with dedication and commitment. He commands respect and obedience for he teaches good values by example. An Ideal Father is also a good servant. He serves also even outside his home, his community, the society. He brings his family and others to serve God and let others know about the love of God.

Why should fathers be ideal? Because fatherhood is a vehicle that can bring him, his family and others to heaven.
Why, are these fathers saints? No! They are all sinners but they are humble to repent and faithfully surrender to God’s transforming love.

But IDEAL or NOT, we thank the Lord for the gift of FATHER! We pray for them whether living or departed.

From the bottom of our hearts we say, “I love you Tatay/Papa/Daddy!”

To all the fathers, Happy Father’s Day! God bless you and grant you joy and peace!

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