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- Pope Francis

Let Go

Mau Obon Galo

By Mau Obon Galo

Have you heard of the KonMari method? It’s a tidying up technique popularized by Marie Kondo through her Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She instructs her viewers to organize things by category, rather than by room. But what struck me most was her philosophy of keeping things that “spark joy”, and discarding those which do not. I can’t help but connect tidiness with joy.

         I am one of those people who gets stressed and unhappy with unkempt rooms. But sometimes, I have to deal with so many stressors that I barely notice the mess around me.  Then the clutter will have its way of knocking me down, to tell me it’s time to tidy up. As the state of my bedroom, reflects what’s going on inside me, I thought that maybe, I can KonMari my inner-self, and not just my living spaces.

         I can start with an inventory of the things that I should be thankful about. If what I’m after are what “spark joy” in me, I guess my gratitude list is one. Then I will come up with a list if those which are weighing me down. From that I list, I will decide which should be discarded and which should be dealt with. For instance, I can do away with the negative things said by people, whom I do not even know, about me. They don’t matter to me, their opinions, included. I can also forget minor rifts, ‘coz some battles are just a waste of time. But I’d have to deal with my conscience. Making peace with people I have offended and moving on from those who hurt me. Most of all, I’d get me a good internal scrubbing by going to confession. As Catholics, we know that the joy brought by the sacrament of reconciliation isn’t just a spark, but an intense, high-inducing kind.

         Christmas is just around the corner, and aside from doing a KonMari of our possessions, let us also give Jesus, the birthday boy, a gift of a clean conscience and a repentant heart.  

PS. If you hate organizing things, then don’t buy too much. Less stuff, less work. Have a Merry Christmas.

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