“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis

Lay Empowerment



Bishop Crispin Varquez

OUR experience tells us that many of our lay faithful, young and adults, have already shown maturity in their faith. One indicator is the fact that they show a high degree of volunteerism in being with the priests and religious persons in the Church in the work of evangelization. They show willingness in responding to the call of Jesus to “go into world and proclaim the Good News…” and they believe in the words of Jesus telling them, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything shall be given to you”.

To empower our lay people is to give them roles that enable them to actively participate in the work of evangelization. They are our collaborators and companions. They have the passion and enthusiasm so we allow them to exercise their roles and missions.

Our Young People in the Church

Saint John Paul II said, “If we neglect the youth in our work of evangelization, we are giving a death penalty to the Church”. This is a good reminder for all of us that the young people are the present and the future of the Church. Thus, we consider them as one of our priorities in the work of evangelization, if not, THE priority!

We celebrate this year as the Year of the Youth with the theme: “Filipino Youth in Mission: Gifted, Beloved, Empowered. We let our young people discover, develop, utilize and maximize their gifts and potentials. We let them feel that they are loved by God and are important in His sight by giving them roles that involve themactively in the life of the parish and of the Church.

To all the young people in the Church: Do not be afraid to take part in the life of the Church. Always remember: you are beloved, gifted and empowered!

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