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Heroes of Life

Sarah Mabansag Puno

By Sarah Mabansag Puno

AUGUST, the National Heroes Month is a celebration of recognizing people who are instruments of our country’s freedom. They are the named and the nameless people who dedicated and sacrificed their lives for this noble cause.
Modern time has broadened the meaning of heroes not just instruments of freedom from invaders of our country but they are our idols or “lodi” who are examples worthy of emulation. They can be instruments of freedom from various bondages of life.

Heroes can be instruments of freedom from want exemplified by our industrious, hardworking breadwinners working locally and abroad, not minding the sweat and tears just to provide the needs of the family for a decent life.
Heroes can be instruments of freedom from maladies or illnesses that may endanger lives. Our dedicated health workers with the oath of saving lives are leaving their own families and ironically not having healthy lives for duty to be instruments of healing and saving lives.

Heroes can be instruments of freedom from harm and trouble. They are instruments of peace. They are selfless in answering this call of duty, even in facing death. Heroes can be instruments of freedom from ignorance. Untiring and committed teachers are commendable of their patience and perseverance in inculcating knowledge and molding minds of the young and innocent for a worthwhile life.

Let us not forget our heroes who are instruments of freedom from darkness who are giving us light and guiding us to eternal life, our consecrated persons, the priests and the religious who offered their lives to save souls.
Individually and in our homes we have our own heroes not because of their achievements and honor brought to the family but because of the simplicity of their lives and intention. It is the purity of heart in just giving love in imitation of Christ without murmur, without complain just giving their all “not for service” they say but for LOVE. They are our parents.

But earthly heroes are just instruments. We have to give due recognition, be grateful and give praises to the greatest hero of all, the source of all. He is our ‘lodi’ with ‘werpa’ that is ‘pitmalu’ because of His great love for us. He is our greatest provider, the source of all graces and blessings because He is the bread of life.. He is the greatest physician, who can heal all kinds of sickness even the impossible because He is the source of life. He is the mighty protector who gives tender and loving care, who shields us from all forms of danger. He is the source of wisdom and knowledge that frees us from ignorance. He is the light that frees us from darkness that gives us eternal life of peace and joy, because He is our Lord and Savior.

With love we put Him in a special place in our hearts, in our families in our homes, our greatest hero, Jesus Christ. And He entrusted us to His mother and His mother to us. We give love and reverence to His mother, our mother too, Mama Mary that through her prayers and intercession we feel His nearness to us. With love we greet her, Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

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