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Has change come after a year of Duterte?

Atty. Ceferino Baquilod

By Atty. Ceferino Baquilod

The recurring brown outs and the kind of service provided to us by ESAMELCO have resulted in a lot of complaints from us consumers/members of the cooperative. Atty. Pangke Bagas is preparing to file a class suit against the management of ESAMELCO. He already sent a letter/complaint to the National Electrification Administration (NEA)informing them of ESAMELCO’s inefficient service, constant brownouts and other problems relative thereto. Atty. Bagas likewise sought NEA’s assistance in looking into the funds of this cooperative specially in the light of some purchases allegedly made without compliance with certain requirements. In reply, NEA has directed ESAMELCO to comment or take appropriate action to the complaint.

Let’s hear what ESAMELCO has to say. As Pangke emphasized in his postings, we are not here to fight anyone, we are just asking for better service. And yes, let me say that what we need is change. After all, our President promised us that change is coming.


As we approach the first year anniversary of the current administration, can we honestly say that positive changes have happened in our country? In our own province, have we really improved economically? I have spoken to some friends and they say nothing much has changed in their finances. A lot of them are still facing money problems. A banker told me they recently foreclosed a couple of properties here in Borongan for the borrowers’ inability to pay their loans.

Is the peace and order situation better? This is debatable. Others observed that less crimes have been committed. On the other hand, there had been so much killing going on around the country. A lot of them extra judicial, and drug related, allegedly. The number of people killed in Marawi from both groups, terrorists/rebels and the military, plus innocent civilians, is staggering. And there is this recent massacre in Bulacan, where all 5 family members were murdered, by someone who admitted to the killing for fun only (‘trip-trip’ lang). This is scary. It seems like killing has become an ordinary thing to do. WeIl, come to think of it, the words ‘I will kill you’ has often become part of presidential speeches and has somehow become acceptable to some people. This kind of change is something we all should abhor.

Corruption is still rampant. Even among the President’s newly appointed people and despite his vow to only pick the best and the brightest, and his tough talk against corruption, we still see it happening.

Early on, we witnessed how our President behaved in international affairs. He cursed world leaders and organizations he disliked. He threatened to severe ties with other nations. He befriended China despite the latter’s encroachment on our territory and an international court’s judgment against it. He rejected aid and assistance from the European Union. Some think of this as his unique strategy. Some others opine that he does not get it at all. A lot of us are just confused.

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