“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis

God’s timing is perfect

Mau Obon

By Mau Obon

IT was late afternoon in Matarinao School of Fisheries. I saw the sun paint the sky with pink, yellow, and blue pastels. I was love struck. I ran to some obscure corner of the campus hoping to capture the majestic scenery with my lens. Too bad, the coconut trees were blocking the view, so I decided to go back. But then, a local guy saw me, and asked a friend to take me to the port. I was floored. These people were so nice and accommodating.

I reached the port just in time to see the sky dressed in deep reds, and fiery yellows and oranges. The sea was glowing as it mirrors the fiery scene above it. All around me, shadows were creeping in, swallowing everything on its path. It was perfect.

Then it dawned on me that God’s timing is also perfect. You see, I am currently in love. With landscape photography. Chasing the sunset in Matarinao, was like going after my goals. Sometimes, there are barriers between me and what I am aiming for. Just like the way the coconut trees stood in between me and the “photo worthy” sunset view. I could have walked on, crossed the muddy rice field, but the path was too long and unfamiliar, and I might be too late. Just when I was about to go back, a guy came to ask me if I would like to go to the port so I can photograph the setting sun. I was stunned. How in the world did this guy found me and know what I was up to? Then there was his friend, who had a motorcycle and was about do an errand. It was as if God purposely placed these two beautiful souls on my path. Indeed, when what we are praying for is meant for us, people will come, and events will unfold, to help us achieve it.

If it is really meant for us, it will come at the perfect time. God is never late. Let’s keep the faith burning.

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