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Free transport for Borongan residents

BORONGAN, August 5, 2019—The residents of Borongan will soon have a free transportation courtesy of the local government unit.

This was announced Monday by Borongan Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda who clarified that the free transport will only cater to legitimate residents of Borongan City and their children.

The only requirement to avail of this upcoming program is the voter’s ID or registration.

Electric vehicles will be fielded plying on a “point-to-point pass” (P2P), which means that  the free vehicles will only have a single route that will be threading the national high way from Barangay Camada to Barangay Bugas and would only have designated bus stops along the way.

According to Agda, this program is expected to benefit the students who, despite free tuition, have to spend much on high transportation fees.

“Today, school matriculations are already free but transportation and other allowances continue to be a burden to some students. With this program, the students will no longer have reasons not to study well,” Agda explained.

This free transportation program has already been filed at the Borongan City Council.    (Sasa Quitorio / ESTE News)

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