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Duterte On Easter: ‘Nurture Humility, Forgiveness’

President Rodrigo Duterte

MANILA, April 4, 2018–President Rodrigo Duterte on Easter Sunday, April 1, called on Filipinos to nurture humility and forgiveness so they can be set free from “shackles of hatred and greed.”

In an official message made public by the Presidential Communications Operations Office last Sunday, the President says “it is only by being selfless that we can truly say we are worthy of God’s love.”

“As we remember Christ’s triumph against death, may we nurture humility and forgiveness in our hearts as these will free us from the shackles of hatred and greed,” reads the message.

Duterte’s emphasis on selfless service was evident in his message much as it was in his Lenten one.

“Let us make this occasion more meaningful by offering aid to others, especially to those in need. Let us pray for the welfare and safety of our countrymen and for lasting peace in our nation so that we can all work together in harmony towards real change,” says the President.

Easter Sunday is a celebration of the Catholic Church observed and practiced by more than 85% of the Filipino population. (Niceforo Balbedina/Luzon Times)

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