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Drug-free East Samar barangays receive cash awards

Cropped photo of the Municipal Hall grounds of Gen. MacArthur, Eastern Samar (from the FB Gen. MacArthur, Eastern Samar)

BORONGAN, September 25, 2017–The first 100 barangays in Eastern Samar to be declared drug-free by the Philipine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) received P10,000 each from Cong. Ben Evardone, while the next 100 will get P5,000.00.

The cash reward was given last week during the celebration of the congressman’s birthday.

Of the more than 400 drug affected barangays in the province, 141 have been declared drug-cleared.

Eastern Samar also boasts of the first drug cleared municipalities in region 8, the towns of Gen MacArthur and Maslog.

Recently, the Eastern Samar Provincial Police Office was recognized as the most outstanding in the implementation of the anti illegal drug campaign in the region.

The province recorded the highest number of drug personalities who surrendered under Oplan Tokhang and the least casualty during legitimate anti drugs operation.

Cong Evardone said that the cash incentive is to encourage barangay officials to support authorities in the campaign to rid their barangays of illegal drugs.

The congressman also promised to give additional infrastructure projects to municipalities that will be declared drug-free by the PDEA. (Eden Cidro/Este News)

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