“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis


A. On The New Financial System (NFS)
      June 30,2018 was the 3rd year since our implementation of the New Financial System in our diocese. I would like to give my utmost gratitude to those who gave their whole-hearted support and cooperation to the NFS. It is our concrete expression of our capacity to think not only for the good of our respective parishes /chaplaincies but also for the greater good of the  Presbyterium and the whole diocese.
      I appeal to those who are still struggling to give their full cooperation ang support to the NFS to faithfully observe the guidelines and to conscientiously implement them so that we can better reap the benefits of the NFS as a local church.
         Regarding the organization and administration of the parishes /chaplaincies, I offer the following concrete actions:
         1. The parish and the chapels are to be organized in view of our unified and comprehensive diocesan pastoral thrust. The  “TARAMDAN HAN PAGDUMARA HAN PAROKYA” will be our reference and guide.
         2. Aside from the celebration of the Mass and other sacraments, our communities are to be organized as PRAYING COMMUNITIES, both at the parish / chaplaincy level and the chapel level.Consistent activities for the spiritual nourishment of our parishioner can be initiated or reinforced (if they are already on-going)like the following: monthly or weekly Holy Hour, prayer meetings, Bible sharing, Holy Rosary, novenas, blessing of Family Altars, Weekend Catechism classes, etc.
          3. There is an urgent need to strengthen, support, and encourage all existing religious organizations, renewal movements, cofradias, and ministries in all parishes/chaplaincies.Pastors can make their ministry of personal presence more effective by attending their meetings, giving them regular inputs for their spiritual growth, providing them consistent on -going formation, and assigning to them specific ministries or tasks in the parish.
As we approach the 5th Centennial of the Christianization of the Philippines this 2021 of which our diocese is a significant witness and participant, it is but fitting that we renew and reinvigorate our commitment to ” live Christ ” through various concrete and realization initiatives within our Christian communities.

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