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Colors and symbols of Christmas in a home

Sarah Mabansag Puno

BY Sarah Mabansag Puno

MAN as a creature is to praise, worship, glorify and please his Creator. His Creator’s humble coming through His only Son to be with him for his salvation is worthy of all his exultation expressed in thoughts, words and actions. His glorious songs of praises and joy permeate the air, his actions show happiness and love shared with his fellowmen.

These expressions are not enough to contain his joy without symbols as attractive reminders of the celebration of the glorious season of His coming.

Christmas symbols in glittering colors are seen in homes, offices , churches, business establishments, streets and almost everywhere where Christ is accepted as King.

We decorate our places with Christmas symbols: Christmas tree, lanterns, Belen or the Nativity, bells, flowers, lights and other glittering decorations with common Christmas colors of red, green, yellow, gold, silver and blue. But why these symbols and colors?

We decorate sometimes just to follow a motif or a theme, just to be in with the season, for display and for appreciation of expression of art and what is inspiring, we decorate for a deeper meaning.

A family who refuses to be named shares their meaning of these symbols and colors of Christmas. This family decorates their big green Christmas tree with memorable stuffs and locates it in the most conspicuous place of their living room. Putting up the Christmas tree is a special bonding moment for the whole family. Toys, flowers, cards, balls, bells, angels, ribbons and other decors of various shapes in Christmas colors are hanged with artistry and creativity. At the top of the tree is a big star with Christmas lights connected with it coming down rounding the tree.For them this Christmas tree symbolizes their family.It is green because it is alive with love. It is decoratedwith things that show the different unique personalities of the members of the family with colors of red for love, green for hope, blue for peace, gold for success, white and silver for purity and yellow for enlightenment. These colors remind them of what they are and what they hope for. The big star at the top of the tree point s to Jesus Christ who reignsin their family giving them life and light.

They have a big Sta. Claus near the Christmas tree with wrapped gifts. Sta. Claus is an instrument of the expression of love which is sharing exemplified by Christ by sharing His own life.

The family has a “Belen” or the Nativity, (baby Jesus in the manger with Mama Mary, Joseph and the three kings with shepherds and a big star with angels)beautifully decorated in their altar reminding them to worship our King who humbled Himself to be born in a manger teaching them to live with humility for a life pleasing to God.The altar is decorated with green garlands with red

Christmas balls because the coming of Christ gives life because of love, for He himself is love that makes the world go round.

They have Christmas bells hanged on their door, reminding them to worship and give thanks to the Lord for His birth with the rest of the community in the church or with their fellowmen.

They have three lanterns in their porch, to remind them and to tell everyone that Jesus Christ is in their home. There are two small ones, yellow and blue and one big red at the middle. Why these colors? The red middle lantern tells about the loving presence of Christ in their home, the yellow one tells of the light of Christ that guides the family and the blue one tells of the color of the sky because up there is the aim of the whole family for eternity.

Other families may have other meaning for the symbols and colors of Christmas or others just decorate Christmas for the sake of it.

Wishing and hoping that the symbols and colors of Christmas bring the message of the birth of Christ on Earth which is love that all in our homes and the whole world celebrate with joy and peace!

Happy birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to one and all!

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