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Churches need good sound systems, says veteran broadcaster

Delegate seminarians from around the country gathered at the Baliwag Church for the annual “Kapatiran” Conference. (RJ Abonal / Este News)

BALIWAG, Bulacan, February 10, 2018–Some parish churches suffer from poor sound but it doesn’t have to be that way, a veteran broadcaster said.
Speaking at a gathering of seminarians in Baliwag town on Saturday, GMA news anchor Jessica Soho said that proclaiming the Gospel requires some practical action: making sure people hear it clearly.
“Even if a priest delivers a good homily (but the sound system is bad), it will be difficult to understand,” she said.
Soho was among the resource speakers during a conference for this year’s “Kapatiran”, an annual gathering of theology seminarians from across the country.
Asked what she wishes for future priests, she said that, among others, short homilies are good. “Keep it short and simple,” said Soho.
She also hoped that priests become aware of the people’s plight.
“You should always get to know the pulse of the community,” Soho added. “You should not be detached from the people”.
Meanwhile, lay Catholic evangelist and bestselling author Bo Sanchez reminded the seminarians the “priesthood is not a job” but a vocation that must be rooted in the experience of a loving God.
“If it is only a job for you, then don’t become a priest,” he said. “It must come from a love affair with this person, with Jesus.”
Sanchez then challenged everyone to nourish and cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus.
“I want you to be so rooted in your intimate personal relationship with Jesus, that you’re full of love with Jesus. This should be reason why you want to be a priest… because there’s God who loves you,” he said.
He further admonished the seminarians that when they preach, they must be able to connect with the people.
“Sometimes we tend to impress the people and sometimes they don’t understand (what we are talking about),” said Sanchez.
He also advised them not “to use their own vocabulary” when they preach but the people’s language so they can understand better.
Hosted by the Immaculate Conception Major Seminary of the Diocese of Malolos, this year’s gathering saw more than 500 seminarians assembled for a day of “learning and fellowship”. (RJ Abunal / Este News)

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