“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis


March 20, 2018 Eastern Samar News Service 0

MAYBE worse than the problem of drugs or any other prevailing social ills such as the ubiquitous graft and corruption in all levels of government is the degeneration of the Filipino psyche. One of the […]

Erosion of the moral fiber

October 2, 2017 Eastern Samar News Service 0

ONCE the online trolls are ignored aside together with the “ad nauseam” churning of repetitive brouhaha from professional manufacturers of fake news, some sense are slowly popping up. Observably, it was the killing of Kian […]

Hoping for the best

September 12, 2017 Eastern Samar News Service 0

IT is very consoling when, for a change, we hear local news like, “Duterte seeks congress nod for 50M fund for Dolores port”. Or this, “CAAP allocates fund for Borongan Airport”. Suddenly, a ray of […]

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