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Brgy Baras residents threatened by cracks on soil

A recent relief distribution in Barangays along Suribao River in Borongan City. (Photo courtesy of Borongan City Press Club)

BORONGAN, February 25, 2018–Local Residents expressed alarm after cracks on the soil were noticed in some areas of Brgy. Baras, one of the barangays of Borongan along the Suribao river.

The cracks were first seen after the heavy rains caused by typhoon Basyang earlier this month.

“We are afraid because the soil might give way,” Marilou Capones said, as she and other residents showed reporters the cracks on their basketball court, on their pavements, on the chapel and on the ground under their houses.

She said that there are also fissures on the mountain a few meters from the barangay. There is even a small landslide she said.

The people are so worried and it is affecting their daily routine. Marilou said that when it rains, they leave their houses and take shelter in the school, and sometimes spend the night there.

“We don’t sleep in our house anymore”, Crescencia Casimo, another local resident, said.

The concrete floor of her house has a visible crack causing her to fear for their safety.

Casimo said that her family only go home during daytime and spends every night at the school since the cracks appeared.

Her family and many of her neighbors are building temporary shelters a few distance from their houses, while a few have left to stay with relatives in other barangays.

They are appealing to authorities to look into their plight and to send experts to investigate what is causing this and to check if it is still safe to live there. (Eden Cidro / Este News)

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