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Borongan LGU rehabs drug depedents

(Alren Beronio / Este News)

BORONGAN CITY, July 28, 2017–Ten drug dependents from the first batch of graduates of the community based rehabilitation program are healed from drug use.

The rehabilitation program is a therapeutic community modality conducted by the city health office, and social services office of city government of Borongan.

About 700 people engaged in illegal drug activities in Borongan surrendered to authorities in the on-going campaign to cleanse the country of illegal drugs.

They successfully completed the 48 sessions of the therapeutic community approach which focused on personal discovery and lifestyle change to help drug dependents “engage in right living, become pro-social based on honesty, responsibility and hard work and promote a drug free lifestyle”.

Mayor Fe Abunda challenged them to make sure they won’t go back to using drugs.

“You are the ones who can help yourselves if you really want to change, but we are here to support you” the mayor told them. She asked them to help the government encourage others to finish the program.

According to Jessie Paano, one of the gradueats, “the program changed my life, but it was not easy”. “It was a journey of self-discovery, made me stronger, more confident.”

The local government assured them of its support as they start their drug free lives.

They were given cash assistance by the mayor, and the LGU will hire them as casual employees so they can help strengthen the rehabilitation program. (Eden Cidro/Este News)

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