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Bishop Varquez leads in relaunching DYVW radio, VW TV

Bishop Crispin Varquez cuts the ribbon at the inaugural of the VW Media Center, the home of DYVW, VWTV and ESTE News. (Alren Beronio / Este News)
A souvenir photo of Bishop Varquez with the clergy who concelebrated at the mass during the relaunching of DYVW. Seated in front is Mr. Edwin Lopez, the regional manager of EWTN, who was cordially invited to join the clergy. EWTN was instrumental in rehabilitating DYVW. (Alren Beronio / Este News)

Bishop Crispin Varquez with the clergy of the Diocese of Borongan and the religious, spearheaded the relaunching of DYVW, the 5KW AM radio station of the Diocese of Borongan that has been non-operational for the last 13 years.   The event also occasioned the relaunching of Borongan Catholic TV-13 that was transferred from the bishop’s residence to the VW Media Center and renamed VWTV.   Both DYVW and VWTV together several social media platforms are under the auspices of the Voice of the Word Media Network.   (Alren Beronio / Este News)

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