“Communicating hope and trust in our time.”

- Pope Francis

Beads of faith and love

Sarah Mabansag Puno

By Sarah Mabansag Puno

ONE very early morning I was awakened by a call of my daughter that her helper is seeing a man who is inviting her to go out. But she alone could see the man. The helper was shaking in fear because of the frightful appearance of the man. My immediate reaction was to grab my rosary near my bed and led the prayer through the phone with my daughter and other family members. After the litany, my daughter said, “Mama, she is already asleep.”

During the Typhoon Yolanda, I was anxious because of my daughter who was out there in the typhoon area having her duty at the hospital before the landfall .There was no signal to be able to know how and where she was. I just knelt down and prayed. While praying the rosary I heard my daughter’s voice saying “Mama I am with Jiggy.” (Her boyfriend, now her husband). We thanked the Lord she is alive and we were guided where to look for her.

A very close friend hated her husband so much because of his infidelity. She slept that night with a bitter heart towards him. She was awakened by a very deep voice telling her to kill her husband. She woke her husband up beside her and told him about the voice that was getting louder. The husband got a rosary from their altar and led the prayer to drive away the evil spirit. She was calmed down as the voice left her. The rosary was placed on her neck after the prayer.

My mother was a public school teacher. She was once assigned to a barangay far from the city where our Filipino brothers from the mountain would often visit for “revolutionary funds”. One morning while waiting for her pupils, she heard firing very near her school. She was in the middle of cross-firing between the NPA and the military. She held on to her rosary upon her breast and prayed hard for protection. What a miracle! Amazing! She was protected by both the NPA and the Military to be able to go out safe, even addressing her ‘Ma’am’ with respect.

So many testimonies of deliverance, healing, calming, peace and protection while praying the Holy Rosary, that indeed we could say that we Catholic Christians are so lucky . The Holy Rosary is a gift to our faith.

We may wonder why this is so. Because in faith we stand by it and carry the name of Jesus, the name above all names and His life. By just His name the enemies are terrified. By His life we are enlightened and strengthened. In praying the Holy Rosary we are not alone. It is a prayer of connected souls.

Praying the Holy Rosary is embracing what we believe in and being connected to our God with the intercession of Mama Mary to whom we are entrusted to by her son, our Lord Jesus Christ as her children, and she our mother who is joining us in our prayer. Mama Mary our intercessor is the nearest to the heart of Jesus her son, our Savior and our God.

The Holy Rosary is the favorite devotion of saints, so as we pray we are joining with them .As we lift our concerns, our thanksgiving and petitions, we are connected to our God, we express our love and trust in Him, same time our love and concern for our loved ones, families and others through the intercession of Mama Mary with the saints.

The Holy Rosary is not only for the living but also for the departed for them to be glorified for eternity. And in turn they are also praying for us.

The Holy Rosary is NOT of NO IMPORTANCE because in all of Mama Mary’s apparitions she is telling us to pray the Holy Rosary, she who is glorified, the Mother of God and the Queen of Heaven and Earth. It is because of her concern and love for us all that we all be covered by her blue mantle of love. This is for our salvation and eternity.

As we aim for holiness, we follow our fellow earthly sojourners who are already glorified, the saints to pray their favorite, the Holy Rosary for the love of God and others through Mama Mary to Jesus.

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