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Agriculture is centerpiece of new Borongan government

The new Borongan City officials. (Alren Beronio / ESTE News)

BORONGAN CITY, July 3, 2019—“Iton centrepiece (program) hiton amon magigin administrasyon waray iba kondi iton agrikultura.”

Consistent with his campaign commitments, this was the declaration of the new mayor of the City of Borongan, Jose Ivan Dayan Agda, at the oath taking ceremony of city officials held on June 29, 2019 at the Borongan People’s Center.

Agda said that if there is going to be any progress for the locality it should be based on agriculture, citing that one of the reasons why local economy is moving slow is because most of food and agricultural products on sale in the local market are imported from other places.

“Tratatohon ta it agrikultura dira nga malamiri nga trabahoon, kundi maupay nga pakabuhi,” opined Agda.  (We will regard agriculture not as a filthy work but a dignified livelihood.)

At his inaugural address, Agda vowed to create an interest-free loan program for the agri-capital of Borongan farmers that maybe paid with in-kind agricultural products, adding that when the time comes that there will be sufficient produce, the city government will buy the products and market them to other provinces.

Taking their Oath of Office before Judge Renator Noel Echague and Hon. Oñano Plana, that following are the new city officials of the Borongan:   Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda, Vice Mayor Emmanuel Tiu Songco, and the ten members of the city council, namely, Hon. Zen Daza, Hon. Katrina Anacta, Hon. Lyra Gel Limbauan, Hon. Kathlyn Cainday, Hon. Melcho Arago, Hon. Glaiza Tiu, Hon. Totoy Renato Bagacay, Hon. Byron, Suyot, Hon. Kurt Ryan Ty, and Hon. Glenn Escoto.

Observers say that this new breed of city administrators will be able to deliver most of their campaign promises.  (Aboy Abayan/Gio Costuna, ESTE News)

Watch video clip:

#DukwagAgrikultura iton prayoridad han bago nga Mayor han Borongan nga hi Mayor Dayan Agda han iya inaugural speech ha Borongan People's Center, niyan han Hunyo 29, 2019. (Gio Costuna/EsteNews)#EasternSamarNewsService

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